Griptape is placed on the top of the skateboard deck and provides the grip necessary for skating, i.e. the adhesion to the board. Without Griptape you would not be able to control the board and perform tricks. At first glance, grip tape looks like ordinary sandpaper, but skateboard grip must fulfill completely different requirements. Thanks to brands like Grizzly or MOB, which specialize in the production of high-quality grip, there are now a variety of choices, as advanced skateboarders do have individual preferences. In the past, there was mainly black grip tape, but now the product range has expanded to include every conceivable design, so that you are able to design the top of the deck to your own taste. Griptapes differ from each other not only in color, however. There are also significant differences in the grain, which is responsible for the adhesion. Freedom Skateshop offers you a huge selection of different, high-quality griptapes from the most popular brands like Grizzly, MOB, Jessup, FKD or Shake Junt. When you buy a deck from us you also get a sheet Jessup, Mob or Grizzly Griptape for free!

A griptape sheet usually has a size of 33x9 inches. However, for some boards from 8.8 inches this size is a bit too small. That's why we also carry 34x10 inch sheets that will fit any cruiser or bowl board.

As already mentioned, the grain structure is a crucial factor for the performance of griptape. As a beginner you should choose a grip with fine or medium grain. The coarser the grain, the more grip a griptape offers. If you like to do a lot of flip tricks, a finer grain is advantageous because it offers less resistance.

In addition to colored or graphic Griptapes, there are also transparent ("clear") Grips. This is the variant for the truly creative minds among you. Whether stickers or finest Sharpie art, your Top Sheet (top layer of the deck) will be a special eye-catcher in any case.


The assembling, respectively the sticking of the Griptape, looks easy, but requires a little bit of sensitivity. First you pull off the foil and stick the Grip onto the Top Sheet. It is important to press the grip lengthwise with the palms of your hands to avoid air bubbles. Many Griptapes are already perforated, which means that small holes have already been made to prevent air bubbles from forming. If the grip is firmly stuck to the deck, it is best to take a screwdriver and "grind" the grip along the edges of the deck. This will reveal the shape and make it easier to cut off the grip tape with a Stanley knife in the next step. Just press the knife lightly against the edges of the deck and cut around the board while applying light pressure. If you want to have your Griptape assembled by professionals, the mounting is of course included for free when you buy a board at or in one of our stores.


If your Griptape is dirty, please never try to remove the dirt with water. There are Griptape Cleaners from brands like Mob, Black Magic or Shake Junt, with which you can remove dirt like with an eraser.

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