Skateboard Wheels vary in size, hardness, material and shape. Freedom Skateshop offers you a wide selection of all popular brands, so that you can find the perfect wheels for your setup. Besides the leading brands Spitfire and Bones, our selection also includes renowned brands like Wayward, OJ, Ricta, Orbs, Pig and Crupie. Of course, the wheels of our favorite skate companies like DGK, Toy Machine or Alien Workshop can't be missing either. Spitfire with their special Formula Four formula, as well as Bones with the proven STF or SPF formulas, are currently the highest quality products on the market. These formulas have pretty much eliminated the previously common problem of flatspots (flat spots on the wheels caused by abrasion). We only carry wheels that meet our high quality standards. However, it should be mentioned that not every skateboarder needs Spitfire Formula Four or Bones STF wheels. Particularly for beginners, cheaper wheels are also worth considering, as their quality does not interfere with the learning of tricks. As a beginner you will probably not notice much difference, the qualitative added value is more relevant for advanced and professional skateboarders. Freedom Skateshop offers you in addition to high quality wheels also an optimal price-performance ratio, so you can always find the right wheels for your setup.

What to consider when buying wheels?


First of all, we have to mention that, as with everything in skateboarding, there are no rules here. It's all about personal preference, which you only find out over time. The more experience you have, the more value you will place on small differences, which nevertheless have a noticeable effect on the riding behavior. As a beginner, the size, i.e. the diameter of the wheels, is the most important factor. In general, we recommend 52mm to 53mm wheels for beginners, these are all-round sizes with which you can have fun on any terrain. Wheels larger than 53mm are especially popular with ramp and bowl riders, because they make it easier to maintain the required speed in the ramp. If you are more at ease and want to use the skateboard for cruising and as a means of transportation, you can treat yourself to maximum cruising pleasure with large wheels, from a diameter of 55mm. However, this requires riser pads, which provide a few millimeters of extra space between the wheels and deck to avoid unpleasant wheelbites. This is also why you should never ride wheels over 52 mm if you prefer low or mid trucks.

The diameter of the wheels also affects the skateboard's handling. The larger the diameter, the greater the angle to the point where you pop, that is, until the tail touches the ground. This means that the larger the angle, the more pop - however, this is at the expense of control - you have to perform the tricks more precisely.


In addition to diameter, wheels also differ in hardness. Skateboard wheels are made of polyurethane. This special material makes it possible to produce wheels in different degrees of hardness. The hardness of skateboard wheels is measured in durometers, with the unit of measurement "A" or "D". 99A to 101A are the standard wheel hardnesses, Bones STF are with 103A the hardest wheels in our assortment. The choice of the hardness of wheels should be made with a regard to the preferred area of use. Street and park riders generally prefer harder wheels from 99 to 103A. If you use the board mainly as a cruiser or on rough ground, we recommend slightly softer wheels of less than 90A. This gives you a softer feeling when rolling, more grip and is less affected by bumps. However, wheels below 90A are no longer suitable for tricks.


The shape of wheels is also an important factor that is also responsible for the overall performance. In addition to the classic, i.e. round cut wheels, a variety of different shapes are now available on the market. For beginners, we recommend to use classic shapes, because they offer a good balance for all purposes. Conical Wheels are currently the most popular wheels next to the Classics. They are conically cut inwards and offer a slightly wider tread in the standard version, which has a positive effect on grip, durability and locking in grinds, but affects the sliding behavior. The leading brands such as Spitfire and Bones increasingly offer very specific wheels, such as Lock-Ins or Radial Slims, which are designed for very specific preferences of advanced skateboarders. In general, wheels with narrower shapes and treads are more suitable for technical skating. They are lighter and allow easier flipping of the deck. Skateboarders who skate more ramps and prefer transitions usually choose wheels with wider treads, for more control and grip.



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