Choosing the right trucks is a fundamental part of a skateboard setup and often proves to be a challenge, especially for beginners. There are many renowned truck manufacturers on the market, whose products differ fundamentally in appearance and performance. In order to meet the demands of our customers, we carry a wide range of products to be able to offer the right trucks for beginners, advanced and professionals. To meet our high quality standards, we only offer trucks from brands that are used by our team on a daily basis. So you can choose between renowned brands like Thunder, Independent, Venture, Ace, Film or Krux, which we offer in different widths, heights and colors.

What is important when buying trucks?

As mentioned earlier, trucks differ fundamentally in their performance. The most important characteristic of a truck is its steering behavior, which can be traced back to the truck's geometry. Advanced skateboarders have individual preferences and requirements regarding the steering behavior of their trucks. To give you a small overview, we will now briefly go into the special characteristics of the trucks from our most popular brands.

Independent Trucks are characterized by excellent steering behavior, durability and resistance. The trucks adapt easily to pressure, but at the same time do not tilt too much, i.e. they have a very controlled steering behavior. This fact makes them very popular with skateboarders who prefer transitions, so ramps and bowls, but are equally popular with die-hard street skaters like Andrew Reynolds or Chris Joslin, who prove the durability and robustness of the products from Independent daily.
Thunder Trucks are the first choice for riders who prefer responsive and agile trucks. The fast steering paired with beautiful designs makes Thunder one of the most popular brands for street and park skaters. Pros like Ishod Wair and Kyle Walker rely on Thunder products every day, proving that they work flawlessly on any terrain.
Venture Trucks are made by the same company as Thunder, but are a little less maneuverable. This is not necessarily a disadvantage. Especially skaters who love technical skating are thrilled by the steering behavior, which is precise and works well.
Film Trucks, a young brand of the French skateboard legend Jeremie Daclin, offer an unbeatable quality-price ratio in addition to excellent performance. However, this does not make these trucks a pure entry-level product by any means. In terms of durability and good, predictable steering behavior, Film's products can definitely compete with the big boys.

What width of trucks do I need?

When it comes to the size of trucks, it is usually important to make sure that they are roughly aligned with the edge of the deck. Since the size labels are different for the various brands, we have simplified the search in our menu for you and set up a filter by deck width. For a better overview, there is still a listing by brand below.

Size table Trucks:

Deck width 7.875 to 8.25: Ace: 33, Film: 5.25, Independent: 139, Thunder: 147, Venture: 5.25
Deck width 8.125 to 8.375: Ace: 44, Film: 5.25, Independent: 144, Thunder: 148, Venture: 5.6
Deck width 8.25 to 8.5: Ace: 44, Film 5.5, Independent: 149, Thunder: 149, Venture: 5.8
Deck width 8.5 to 9.25: Ace: 55, Film 6.0, Independent: 159, Thunder: 151, Venture: 6.1
Deck width 9.25+: Ace: 66, Independent: 169, Thunder: 161

In addition to the width of the trucks, the height is another important factor. There are trucks in High, Low or Mid, which clearly differ from each other in their behavior.

High or Low: Standard trucks are usually "High", even if the height is not shown separately. Low trucks are somewhat lower. It should be noted that this also changes the truck geometry and low trucks therefore usually do not steer as well as the standard high trucks. In addition, the kingpin is usually higher, which can interfere with tricks such as Smith or Feeble Grinds. Low trucks bring you closer to the ground. This gives you a bit more control, but the changed angle leads to less pop. In addition, you should not ride low trucks with wheels that have a larger diameter than 52 millimeters to avoid wheelbites.

Standard or Light: There are several ways to make trucks lighter - hollow kingpins and axle pins, forged baseplates, materials like titanium or magnesium, etc. While lighter trucks of course have certain advantages, the few grams of weight difference bring only limited improvements in performance. Hollow Light trucks are now also available from all leading truck brands. In addition to the hollowed axle pins, the Hollow version also has hollow kingpins, which brings additional weight savings.

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