Caps/ Hats

Caps are a popular accessory to perfectly round off your outfit. Caps come in a wide variety of fits and styles, from the classic snapback cap to the modern 5 panel. The bucket hat has been back in fashion for a few years now and is a real eye-catcher on the beach as well as on the skate spot. At Freedom Skateshop you can find caps and hats from the most popular skateboard brands like Primitive Skateboarding, Baker Skateboards, Polar Skate Co., Welcome Skateboards or Spitfire Wheels.


The snapback cap is probably the most popular among the caps. Thanks to the practical plastic closure, the size of the cap can be individually and easily adjusted and worn with the shield facing forward or backward. The strapback cap differs in the closure technique. The size can be adjusted and easily fixed by means of a rubber or leather strap. 

5 Panel

A very sporty variant, but also popular with many skateboarders. The name 5-Panel comes from the structure of the cap, which is composed of five parts. Usually, 5-panel caps have a rather discreet logo on the front.

Dad Caps

The old school cap variant. Dad Caps are adjustable in size, and thanks to the curved visor and classic look, they make sure you always wear a piece of nostalgia on your head. 

Trucker Caps

Trucker caps are the ideal choice on hot summer days thanks to the mesh on the rear. As with snapback caps, the size can be adjusted using a plastic closure. Usually there are larger logo prints or embroideries on the front.

At Freedom Skateshop you can find a wide range of different caps and hats from the most popular skateboard brands. All products at Freedom Skateshop are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. You have a question about skateboard caps or hats? Contact us!