If you're looking for the perfect skateboard for your child, you're in the right place. At our store, you'll find exclusively high-quality complete skateboards that guarantee great fun.

What exactly do we mean by that? Unfortunately, conventional sports and toy retailers often offer skateboards that don't meet any standards. What do we mean by this? We frequently see skateboards, for example, with trucks that don't steer properly, or bearings that don't rotate correctly, etc. Customers who have encountered these issues often come to our store seeking help. Sadly, we usually can't assist much because such inferior skateboards often don't comply with the norms regarding sizes and dimensions of components, and parts often can't be exchanged or upgraded. A rule of thumb is that a skateboard cannot cost less than 80 Euros; below this price, manufacturing a quality skateboard is simply not feasible.

What should you consider when buying a beginner skateboard for children?
All the entry-level skateboards in our shop are similar in structure and quality, so you only need to do two things:

  1. Select the right size, and
  2. Find a design that your child visually likes.

When we talk about size, we always refer to the width since the length of a board naturally increases with the deck width. Decks under 7.5 inches wide are usually a bit shorter in length, while boards from 7.5 inches onward typically fall into the normal length range.

Regarding sizes, you can find a lot of information on the internet, but it can often be confusing. Additionally, there are many posts that are, well, not quite accurate.

We work closely with the Skateboard Club Vienna and regularly receive feedback about which boards are easiest for young beginners. The Skateboard Club Vienna has a large number of qualified and trained coaches and has taught thousands of children and teenagers to skateboard over the years. The biggest lesson we've learned is that it's often easier for the little ones if the board is a bit bigger. This might mean a bit more weight, but the additional standing area and stability make starting out easier. Another advantage is that the board can be used longer due to the rapid growth of kids.

All components of the complete skateboards we offer are standardized. This means you can replace wear parts individually after the initial purchase and don't need to buy a complete new board right away. Generally, the deck is the first part that needs to be replaced eventually. Trucks usually last a really long time, and wheels and bearings also have a long lifespan with proper use.

A skateboard is a relatively low-maintenance sports equipment.
After purchase, the first thing you should do is adjust the steering of the trucks. The necessary nut is located in the middle of the truck and can be tightened or loosened using a skate tool or a standard 14mm hex key. The bushings installed in the children's skateboards are generally a bit softer and are adapted for smaller, lighter skateboarders. These are optimal for 90% of kids, but if they are too hard, there is the option to switch them out for super-soft bushings. There are no rules for adjusting the trucks. Even in the professional field, there are skateboarders who ride their trucks extremely hard and those whose trucks rattle because they are so loosely adjusted. The kid should feel comfortable and safe on the board. In general: Hard trucks offer more stability, while softer trucks are more maneuverable.

One more thing: If you want to enjoy the new skateboard for a long time, it's very important that the board does not get wet. Most of it is made of laminated wood and metal, neither of which react well to water. The deck absorbs water, becomes soft, and especially the bearings rust very quickly, becoming unusable.

The optimal size for children's skateboards can be found here:

  • 0-4 years or a body height of up to approx. 105 cm: Deck width 6.75” to 7.25”
  • 4-6 years or a body height of up to approx. 120 cm: Deck width 7.375”
  • 6-8 years or a body height of up to approx. 130 cm: Deck width 7.5”
For older kids, we already recommend skateboards with a width of 7.75 to 8.0 inches.


Do you have more questions about children's skateboards? Don't hesitate to contact us!



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