Skateboard decks are made of seven layers of Canadian maple, with five layers glued crosswise and two layers glued lengthwise. These layers pass through special rollers where they are covered with a layer of glue (water-based or epoxy glue). Then it is off to the press, where the layers are pressed together under high pressure. This special production method is based on decades of know-how and has proven to be the best way to give a deck the right stability and stiffness. Although all skateboard decks look similar to the untrained eye, there are serious differences that are especially relevant for advanced skateboarders. Usually, long-time skateboard enthusiasts have a very specific and individual idea of what their perfect deck should look like. This is the point when the question of the right shape and concave comes into play.

What does concave mean?

The press, in which the seven maple layers are pressed together, is pre-shaped and thus gives the finished pressed deck the concave, as well as the kick, i.e. the steepness of the nose and tail. Concave is the degree of longitudinal curvature of the skateboard. People have different preferences here - many skateboarders prefer a very steep concave, while others like their boards to be more flat. The steeper the concave, the more you can feel the edges of the board, which affects the steering and flip behavior. There is not really an exact formula for which board suits which person. This individual preference usually results from many years of experience. For beginners we usually recommend a board with medium concave, so you are definitely on the safe side. As a general guideline, the steeper or shorter the tail, the more pop you'll have. However, this also requires a bit more precision. A flatter or longer tail gives you more control, but a little less pop.

What does shape mean?

Besides the concave, the shape is a decisive factor for the characteristics of a skateboard. After the pressing and drilling of the holes for the trucks, the board is cut out, i.e. shaped. There is no limit to creativity when it comes to shaping. Popsicle shapes run almost symmetrically, with bent up nose and tail. This shape is by far the most popular, although there are various versions. Besides more classic shapes, i.e. rounded nose and tail, there are also more pointed boards and especially wide cruiser boards. The clear advantage of Popsicle is that you can ride them in both directions, whether in natural or switch-stance. Full shape decks are popsicle decks with a slightly larger, i.e. rounder nose and tail. Shaped decks are a mixture of classic old school shapes and modern influence, with a slightly larger tail and smaller nose. Brands like Welcome have specialized in shaped boards and offer a large selection in this segment. They are especially suitable for transitions and as cruiser boards.

The width of a deck is one of the most important factors when buying a skateboard. Technical riders usually prefer slightly narrower boards, while hardcore rail, street and bowl riders usually prefer wider decks. So the choice of width and shape can be attributed to the preferred terrain.


Skateboarding is a creative sport (although the term sport is a controversial topic for many skateboarders). Graphics have always played an important role and add a certain character to the board. Many graphics are now legendary and enjoy cult status, such as the "Screaming Hand" by Santa Cruz, or the timeless logo boards from brands like Baker, Deathwish or Alien Workshop. The cut-out decks receive an all-around coating with clear varnish. After that, the print is applied with the established heat transfer method (the print is transferred from a carrier foil to the deck with high pressure via a roller). However, some companies, such as Hook Ups, still choose the traditional screen printing method.

Find the perfect deck for you

As passionate skateboarders, it is especially important to us to only carry products in our assortment that meet our high quality standards. Accordingly, no deck finds its way into our stores that we wouldn't skate ourselves with a clear conscience. In the meantime, woodshops from China and Europe also offer acceptable quality, but it is an undisputed fact that Mexico is the country of origin of the highest quality skateboard decks. The now legendary board manufacturers Bareback / Generator and P.S Stix have their production site there and brands such as Baker, Deathwish, Decay, Real, Anti Hero, DGK, Polar, FA, Hockey, WKND, Welcome and others now rely on their expertise to provide customers with the appropriate products.
Of course, our policy also applies to our own products. Freedom decks are produced at Generator in Mexico and are highly appreciated by our teamriders and customers.

So what is important when buying your first skateboard? The most important of all factors is the width of your deck. The selection should be made taking into account your shoe and body size. Of course, we will be happy to advise you on this. For advanced skaters, there are of course many more criteria. Length and Wheelbase (distance between the trucks), as well as the Concave flow into the purchase decision. The wheelbase is measured from the respective inner screw holes and provides information about the length of the center of the board. Whether beginner, advanced or professional, our range includes all shapes, sizes and concaves. If you have specific questions, we are here to help you at any time.

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