All skateboarders have different demands on their skateboard. It all depends on the skill level, the preferred terrain or the personal taste. To make sure you always have the perfect setup under your feet, we have a huge selection of skateboard decks, trucks, wheels, bearings and mounting kits.

The deck usually consists of 7 layers of Canadian maple, which are connected with a special glue. Needless to say, there are significant differences in quality. At Freedom Skateshop you will only find brands that we are personally convinced of and that we would skate ourselves with a clear conscience. Another important criterion is the shape of the deck. This is where opinions differ and everyone has their personal preferences and requirements. In general, pointed shapes, i.e. tapered nose and tail, make the board easier to flip, while squared shapes are more suitable for transition and all-round skateboarders. However, this is a generalization that does not always hold up in practice. Many brands also offer shaped decks in their assortment, which differ significantly from classic popsicle decks. Shaped boards or old school boards are mainly suitable for cruising and transitions, but of course they can also be used to skate the one or another street spot. In addition to the shape, width, length and wheelbase are decisive criteria for the selection of the right skateboard deck. Shoe and body size play just as important a role as the preferred skate style. As a rule of thumb, narrower boards are easier to flip, while wider boards offer more stability in curves and in somewhat harder street spots, such as rails or steps.

If you are uncertain or have any questions before purchasing, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you find the perfect shape for you.

Wheels come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and degrees of hardness. The size, the diameter of your Wheels, is specified in millimeters. We recommend wheels with a size of 52 to 54 millimeters for beginners, ensuring you are equipped for any eventuality and can improve on any terrain. All larger or smaller wheels are already designed for more specific tastes and require appropriate know-how. The same goes for the shape of your wheels. Classic shapes work on any terrain, are usually a bit narrower and thus offer excellent slide behavior. Conical shapes are slightly wider and have more grip in curves. Brands like Spitfire Wheels or Bones Wheels have a variety of other shapes that differ significantly in their performance. The hardness of skateboard wheels is given in durometers. The standard hardness of skateboard wheels is 99A or 101A. Wheels over 100A durometer are known for excellent slide behavior, but offer slightly less grip and do not compensate unevenness in the same way. 

Trucks are largely responsible for the riding characteristics of your setup. Before buying you should ask yourself what requirements you have for your skateboard trucks. The products of the different truck manufacturers differ significantly. Ace trucks, for example, are known for their fast turning characteristics. The trucks will respond immediately, even with the smallest weight shifts. Trucks from Independent Trucks or Thunder Trucks have a more predictable, stable steering response. The decisive factor for performance is primarily the truck's geometry. Besides the steering behavior, you also have to consider the height of the trucks. Besides the classic (standard) high version, there are also low versions or the mid trucks of Independent Trucks. 

Bearings are essential for getting around, but have only a minimal effect on the handling of your setup. Meanwhile, the bearings of almost all brands have an extremely high-quality standard. The problem of constantly broken bearings is fortunately a thing of the past. Even the cheaper versions from manufacturers like Independent Trucks, Hard Luck or Cortina convince with long durability and best price-performance ratio. For those who like it more extravagant, there are Ceramic or Swiss Bearings, which have a slightly higher quality standard than conventional Bearings. 

Mounting kits are connecting your trucks to your skateboard deck. The length of the bolts is important and should be paid attention to before buying. If you use wheels with a diameter of less than 55mm, you probably don't need riser pads. This means that a bolt length of 7/8 inch is fine for mounting your trucks to your deck. For larger wheels or cruiser boards it is recommended to use riser or shock pads. Depending on the height you need bolts with a length of 1 to 1 1/4 inches. You can read more details about this in the Riser Pads category. Apart from that, there are bolts with Phillips or Allen heads. Many manufacturers offer colorful mounting kits, which is great if you want to mark the tail or nose of your deck.

At Freedom Skateshop you will find everything you need for your high-quality skateboard. All products at Freedom Skateshop are in stock and ready for prompt shipping. You have a question about skateboard? Contact us!



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