Pants define your style like no other piece of clothing, so choosing the right pants is essential for all fashion-conscious skateboarders. Skate pants are available in a wide variety of styles, colors, lengths and widths.

Before buying a new skate pants you should carefully consider the cut, leg width and waistband opening. For all those who like it a little wider, there are relaxed or loose fit pants, which offer maximum freedom of movement. Slim fit pants are rather narrow and close-fitting cut, which is why they usually contain a proportion of spandex. This ensures that you are not restricted in your mobility despite the tighter cut. Skate pants are available in different styles, like chinos, waistband pants, work pants or classic jeans. More detailed information about cut, style or material can be found in the product description of the respective pants.

Relaxed/Loose Fit

In recent years, baggy pants have celebrated their revival. The pioneer of the current trend certainly is Polar Skate Co., who set new standards in style and freedom of movement with their Big Boy Jeans or Surf Pants. In the meantime, many other brands have jumped on board and offer extra baggy pants in their assortment. Waistband pants like the Surf Pants from Polar Skate Co. or the Loose Pants from Magenta Skateboards are a great choice - especially in summer temperatures. If you prefer classic jeans, the Plaza Jeans by Theories or the Volcom Billow Pants will be a good choice. Loose fit pants in classic chino style are available from brands like Dickies, Volcom or Welcome Skateboards, just to name a few.

Slim Fit 

For everyone who prefers slightly tighter cut pants. If skateboarders prefer close-fitting pants, they should always make sure that the slim fit models have a processed spandex content before buying. Spandex ensures the pants stretch and does not restrict their mobility. Brands like Dickies always have stylish slim fit chinos in their range. 


A more specialized cut for those who like to have maximum legroom, but feel the classic baggy cut is too wide. Tapered pants have a narrower leg opening, but a normal, or wider cut in the upper area. 

Straight Fit

Probably the most style-conscious of all cuts. Straight fit pants have a straight cut from the waistband to the leg opening and are available in all variations, from chinos to jeans.

Chino Pants

Originally, the name chino comes from a special fabric called chino twill, which was usually used for slightly lighter pants and was an alternative to the common jeans. However, chinos come in a wide variety of styles and fabrics. The classic of all skate chinos is the popular 874 Work Pants from Dickies. Of course, there exist several variations, such as the Double Knee Work Pants, or the Glide Pants by Vans. Light cotton waist pants like the Surf Pants from Polar Skateboards are a relatively new variant and enjoy great popularity.


You can revive the skate spirit of the 90s every day with a pair of wide cut jeans. The denim fabric is very durable and can withstand heavy demands. For this reason, jeans are also extremely popular among skateboarders. Currently, denim pants with extremely wide cut are very popular and are implemented by many brands in various variations. Whether Big Boy Pants from Polar Skateboards, Plaza Jeans from Theories, or the Lemos Pants from Primitive Skateboarding, everyone who likes it a little wider will find what they are looking for in our range.


Thanks to the slightly thicker material, corduroy pants are a good option especially in the cold season. Comfortable to wear and yet extremely durable, corduroy is a perfect material for skate pants.


Usually cut a little wider, cargo pants have two extra pockets in the side leg area. Especially popular in the 90s, cargo pants made their comeback in the skate scene a few years ago. In addition to functionality, they are also real eye-catchers thanks to the wide cut and also make a good impression on footage. Many of these pants can be tightened at the leg openings by means of drawstrings.

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