DGK - Dirty Ghetto Kids

Dirty Ghetto Kids, or DGK, was founded in 2002 by pro skateboarder Stevie Williams and his business partner Troy Morgan as part of Kayo Corp. distribution. Kayo also housed the wheel brand Gold Wheels, which was also started by Stevie, prior to the launch of DGK. The name Dirty Ghetto Kids created a lot of buzz in the scene and there were many who doubted the young brand would be a success. However, for Williams, who grew up in poor circumstances in Philadelphia, there was no compromise. As an early local of the legendary Love Park, he and his friends were called Dirty Ghetto Kids by the older skaters. By doing so, they unwittingly became the namesakes of DGK.

The DGK team was unique from the beginning and perfectly represented Stevie's vision of a board company. A raw street-heavy image was always the core focus of the DGK team. Besides legends like Marcus McBride, Wade DesArmo or Jack Curtin, DGK always supported unknown amateurs who often became big names in the scene. In 2009 Stevie brought his longtime friend and companion Josh Kalis into the team. In 2012, the DGK team was awarded the "Best Team Award" by Transworld Skateboard Magazine. In the same year the video "Parental Advisory" was voted video of the year.

After a few team changes and restructures, DGK is still a "real" skateboard brand today that always honors its roots. Williams and his mother have been involved in charitable causes for many years, donating many products to children living in ghettos. Stevie still wants to be an example and inspire young people to leave the ghetto behind.

DGK also stands out as a streetwear brand and scores with hip hop-influenced designs and high-quality products. In addition to collaborations with Reebok and G-Shock, DGK also works with Louis Vuitton designer and Off White founder Virgil Ablohnend, and together they have launched several limited edition products. DGK's graphics are often done in comic style and occasionally include humorous interpretations of existing products or major brands like White Castle, Cup Noodles, N*stle, RAW Papers, etc.



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