OJ Wheels

OJ Wheels was founded back in 1977 and was one of the first manufacturers to already use precision bearings with closed shields, which was an absolute novelty at that time. In the 1970s, Bones and Sims were the market leaders in the skateboarding wheel market. Sims' top model at that time was called Juice, OJ was a reference to this name, as "OJ" is short for Orange Juice in the USA. The first OJs were therefore obviously orange.

Today, OJ Wheels is one of the top brands for skateboard wheels. The assortment ranges from street and park wheels to cruiser and filmer wheels. The wheels are available in sizes from 50 to 60 millimeters and cover the entire skate spectrum. The team consists of well-known pros like Nora Vasconcellos, Julian Davidson, Milton Martinez, Jon Dickson, Axel Cruysberghs, Giovanni Vianna, Figgy and many more, as well as legends like Eric Dressen and Natas Kaupas.

Skateboard wheels are made of urethane. The particular chemical composition determines hardness and durability.

At the current time, OJ offers five different urethane blends for different applications and styles:

The Elite formula is the high-end performance compound for street and parks and the choice of OJ Pros. It features high abrasion resistance, has very good slide properties and is resistant to flatspots. Elites are offered in 95A, 99A and 101A hardness.

Original Formula:
As the name suggests, OJ's proven Original Formula. It is available in 99A and 101A hardnesses.

From Concentrate:
Ideal for beginners or casual skateboarders who are looking for good and reliable wheels without blowing their budget.

With 87A hardness, the Keyframes are softer than classic street or park wheels and ideal in use as cruiser or filmer wheels. Suitable for those looking for wheels that are a little softer and quieter, but still hard enough to do the one or other trick. The Keyframes are especially suitable for particularly rough surfaces.

Super Juice:
"Super Juice" are super soft cruiser wheels with a hardness of 78A. These wheels are ideal for rough surfaces and extreme bumps. Super Juice Wheels have a hard core that keeps the bearings stable and ensures that the soft surface of the wheels remains stable to guarantee smooth rolling.

OJ's come in six different shapes, depending on individual preference and area of use.

Mini Combo Shape:
The Mini Combo is a wide cut, asymmetrical shape, with a wide tread for plenty of grip and control at high speeds.

Hardline Shape:
"Hardlines" are tapered cut, which saves weight and helps with the straight edge on the inside when locking into grinds. The wide tread makes them very stable at high speeds and in the park.

EZ Edge Shape:
The "EZ Edge" have a classic round cut and are perfect all-rounders. The right wheels for technical street skating and thanks to their low weight and narrow tread ideal for slides.

Nomads Shape:
The "Nomads" are straight cut, for easy locking in on grinds.

Keyframe Shape:
"Keyframes" have a hard core that keeps the wheel stable and provides a tight fit for the bearings. The wider tread provides grip. The slightly tapered cut saves weight and protects the axle nuts.

Super Juice Shape:
The "Super Juice Shape" is cut super wide for maximum tread and grip and is tapered on the outside but straight on the inside. Note: due to the extremely tapered cut on the outside, the "Super Juice" make your setup slightly wider than normal wheels. You should accordingly buy your trucks one size smaller if you want to prevent your wheels from standing over the edge of the deck.



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