Polar Skateboards

Polar Skateboards is Pontus Alv's version of an innovative skate brand. Alv's focus is mainly on creativity, functionality and style - a recipe for success that makes Polar a unique and very popular brand. One of the most diverse teams and the almost ingenious clothing line also contribute significantly to the lasting success of Polar Skateboards.

In terms of boardshapes, Polar is also breaking new ground. In addition to classic popsicle shapes, there are numerous decks with wheel wells that prevent annoying wheelbites and are a great option for skateboarders who prefer softer trucks. Their range also always includes shaped boards, which perfectly round off the Polar Skateboards assortment.

Primarily, Polar uses four different shapes in addition to the standard Popsicle, which differ from each other by specific characteristics. Surf decks have a large tail and a narrow, pointed nose - a shape that primarily invites cruising and various maneuvers in the bowl. Decks with the P2 shape have a large and wide nose. With P9 shapes, the nose and tail are narrower than the middle of the deck, which gives the board an egglike shape. If you choose the popular 1991 variant, you get a classic 90s shape with a slightly larger, wider nose and more pointed tail, perfect for street skateboarders.

Another unique characteristic of Polar is their now iconic comic style, which runs through their entire product range. In addition to Pontus Alv, artists such as Jacob Ovgren, Isiah Thomas and Tynan Kerr are significantly involved in the creative processes.

When it comes to streetwear, Polar is well ahead of its time. With the "Surf Pants" or the "Big Boy Jeans" Polar has revolutionized the market. The stylish pants are specially designed for the needs of skateboarders and are unique in terms of style and functionality. The "Big Boy Jeans" is durable and comes with the widest cut in the collection. Compared to the "Big Boy", the "93" is cut a little tighter, but the freedom of movement remains ensured thanks to a stretch content. The Surf Pants are chinos with elastic waistband, maximum wearing comfort included! Polar's pants collection thus includes models for those who prefer slightly wider cut pants. But also the rest of their collection is quite impressive. Besides high-quality sweaters and T-shirts, the "Puff Jackets" are a real eye-catcher and the ideal companion for all those who want to look stylish even in the colder seasons. Almost all items in their line are produced in Europe.

The Polar team consists of international greats like Pontus Alv, Aaron Herrington, Oskar Rozenberg or Halte Hjalberg. Their videos are also worth watching and thanks to Pontus Alv's creative streak, they are also uniquely designed beyond skating.



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