Spitfire Wheels

Spitfire Wheels is a skateboard wheels company based in San Francisco, California, founded in 1987 by Jim Thiebaud. Spitfire is part of Deluxe Distribution, short DLX or DLXSF, which besides Spitfire is home to the brands Real, Anti Hero, Krooked, Thunder and Venture.

The now legendary "Bighead" logo with the characteristic flame head was designed by Kevin Ancell and appeared in a Spitfire advertisement in the May issue of Thrasher magazine in 1992. Before that, Spitfire mainly used the Classic Circle logo, which is still very popular today.

In 2013, Spitfire brought the new "Formula Four" urethane formula on the market and thus set (relatively simultaneously with Bones Wheels) a new standard for the entire skateboard wheel industry. Spitfire Formula Four Wheels are characterized by their excellent slide behavior, without being too slippery. In addition, they are highly resistant to abrasion and flat spots.

Spitfire wheels are produced in the USA and are available in all common sizes, shapes and hardnesses to cover every area of use. No matter if you are into street skating, if no ramp is too big for you or if you rip any terrain, you will definitely find the right wheels for you with Spitfire.

Spitfire Wheels are currently available in 8 shapes:

Classics: The Classics have a classic round cut shape. It is the original Spitfire shape, which has been refined over the decades. This shape is the most popular and best selling of all Spitfire shapes. The Classics have the narrowest tread among Spitfire wheels, which has a positive effect on the slide behavior. This shape is especially popular with street skaters.

Radial: The Radials are, similar to the Classics, round shaped, slightly wider, but have a 20% wider tread than the Classics, which provides more control, especially at higher speeds.

Radial Slims: The Radial Slims are slightly less curved and slimmer than the classic Radials. The 0.5mm narrower tread saves weight and provides good slide behavior. Radial Slims are perfect wheels for street skaters who also want to cope with rough spots.

Conical: The Conicals are cut conical inwards on both sides. This saves weight and allows a slightly wider tread for grip and control at high speeds, even though the overall width is relatively narrow. The straight cut on the inside makes it easier to lock in grinds.

Conical Full: The Conical Full wheels have basically the same characteristics as the Conicals, but they are slightly wider. With one of the widest treads of all Spitfire Wheels, they are especially popular with ramp skaters who need a lot of grip and control in transition.

Lock Ins: Lock Ins make it easier to lock in on grinds on ramp copings, rails, ledges or curbs. Thanks to their asymmetrical cut, they are ideal for keeping control on long grinds. The outside of the wheels is tapered cut, the tread is medium wide.

Tablets: The Tablets are the most narrow shaped Spitfire Wheels. Therefore, they are lightweight and the straight cut edges ensure to lock in well into grinds. They also provide a medium wide tread, which offers both good slide performance and sufficient grip.

OG Classics: The OG Classics are very similar to the shape of the Conical Fulls. They differ significantly in design and tread, which is still minimally wider in the OG Classics than in Conical Fulls. Therefore, they have the widest tread at Spitfire, which makes them especially popular with ramp skaters. The OG Classic Shape convinces with extra grip and control at high speeds and on slippery surfaces.

Spitfire currently offers the following urethane formulas and hardnesses:

Formula Four is currently available in 97A, 99A and 101A hardness.

The Classic Formula has a hardness of 99A. It is the well proven urethane formula and a very good standard quality.

The Chargers Formula is a softer cruiser wheel compound with 80A hardness.

Spitfire is one of the market leaders in the skateboard wheels market and, in addition to high quality wheels also produces bearings and skate tools. Hoodies, shirts and caps may also not be missing in any collection. With names like Grant Taylor, John Cardiel, Marc Johnson, Andrew Reynolds or Tyshawn Jones, the Spitfire team is also more than remarkable.



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