WKND Skateboards

WKND Skateboards are a young brand that was created by skateboarder Grant Yansura. Yansura is a well-known name in the scene thanks to his work for companies like Nike SB or Cosmic Vomit, who realized his version of a modern brand with WKND. WKND skateboard decks are manufactured at PS Stix, which is known for the excellent quality of their products. Most boards have a slightly wider nose and tail, which has a positive effect on board control. The name WKND comes from Yansura's Weekendtage clips, which quickly generated a large fanbase. These videos helped WKND to rise quickly. Meanwhile, the brand is one of the hottest in the scene. 

The WKND team consists of a small crew of friends who give the brand its unique image. The fun of skating together is the focus and is presented perfectly by Yansura. The simple WKND logo has a high recognition value and is represented on numerous of the brand's products. In addition to Hardgoods, there is naturally also a clothing line with pants, sweaters, shirts and caps. 

The WKND team consists of Alex Schmidt, Jordan Taylor, Christian Maalouf, Tom Karangelov, Trevor Thompson, Andrew Considine, Karsten Kleppan, Taylor Caruso, Caleb McNeely and Zac Gracie.

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